Common Soil

My commitment to Soil

IF2014On Friday the 18th of April 2014 I was invited to speak at the 2014 Initiative Forum in Järna, Sweden. The invitation was quite free, I had an hour to talk about my passion.

I choose Soil.

Over the last years it has become more and more clear to me how important soil is. Soil provides our food, fuel, fiber and feed, it regulates our climate, cleans our water, recycles our (organic) waste, and provides a huge habitat for biodiversity. If we all were to take care of soil in a better way we could mitigate climate change, increase biodiversity and resilience, provide healthy food for all and pretty much save the planet. The more I researched, the more evidence I found that soil has this huge potential.

In 2013 that led me to co-found the Summer of Soil, educating others and raising awareness. It became clear to me however that awareness is not enough. We need more people actually going to degraded land and restoring it. I realised in the preparation for the talk that I could no longer stand up for soil without committing to restore soil myself. I collected all my courage and made a statement:

I commit to restoring 100 hectares of degraded land.

Once I spoke this commitment, I had made a vow. Now I had to do it. And I will. Common Soil is the vision that has emerged from this moment and from the people around me. With close peers and friends we started brainstorming. Others contributed with spaces and connections, with finances and support. This journey began in the summer of 2014, and as the 2015 International Year of Soil is commencing, the time has come to share the vision with you. We have created 20 pages to read and share with others. Download them here.

I ask you to join me. How? We will have to figure that out together. We will need Land, People, Resources, Courage, Music, Compost, Tools, Dreams, Seeds and more.

If you are interested in the talk I gave, you can find it on the next page.